Your Journey to A Million Dollar Private Practice with Confidence & Ease
Build and scale your private practice into a successful business with a million dollars in yearly revenue.

Learn how to build a successful private practice without headaches, stress, and missteps. 

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I hear a few common themes when I speak with other therapists, counselors, and social workers wishing to build a private practice. 
  • You started your private practice because you wanted the freedom to treat patients who need you most.
  • You want to manage your own schedule, but somehow running your business takes over your life
  • You want to scale your practice to increase your impact on the community and your income but aren't sure where to start. 
  • You’ve relied on referrals from your network and insurance providers but still can’t fill your calendar each week. 
I understand how it feels!

I hear this constantly from private practice owners who desire to grow a business that has a massive impact in the community, creates job opportunities for other therapists, and generates more than enough income to live the life of their dreams.

If you’ve experienced any of these frustrations while building your private practice, you need one of Soribel Martinez’s private coaching programs.
Stop the frustration and start using proven strategies for scaling your private practice into a thriving business that provides the freedom you desire and the social impact you crave.

Soribel Martinez, LCSW, is a psychotherapist who started her own practice in 2018 and quit her full-time job one month later because her waiting list was so long. Once frustrated by the overwhelming to-do list involved in starting a business, Soribel developed systems and strategies so she could work on her business while still enjoying the life she loves.
Now, Soribel offers her proven methods to her coaching clients so they can:
  • Adjust their mindset and rid themselves of limiting beliefs about money or success.
  • Choose a niche or specialty and position yourself as a local (or national) expert to increase accountability.
  • Scale their existing private practice into a thriving million-dollar business.
  • Eliminate the stress of running a private practice by creating a clear action plan and systems for success.
  • Avoid distractions that keep you from creating the business you want. 
  • Offload or outsource the time-sucking tasks so you can focus on the areas you do best. 
  • Create a support network to eliminate the stress of feeling like you’re on your own
  •  Get the support they need to stay accountable to their goals. 
Soribel’s programs are tailored to where you are in your journey. She will help you assess where you are in private practice and the level of support you need to grow, scale, and generate a million dollars or more in revenues every year without missing a beat.

Soribel offers several coaching and consulting programs, so you can pick the one that best meets your current needs.

Dr. Michael Stokes

"Soribel is a compassionate, knowledgeable, and leader in the field of counseling. Her warm style and down to earth personality make it super easy to talk to her. She has helped thousands of clients. I highly recommend Soribel!"

Leslie Gomez, Brand Coach

Working with Soribel has been so empowering. She holds me accountable and she provides me with unlimited 1-on-1 support. I have gotten more clear on my goals, and the strategies that I have learned so far have been successful for my business. I've conquered some of my fears and onto my next level. If you want to grow your business, Soribel is your girl. Thank me later.

Million Dollar Private Practice Business Coaching & Consulting 90-Minute Intensive: 
90- Minute Intensive - a one-time session designed to help you clarify your business goals and get professional recommendations for your next steps. This program will get you started if you need help creating an action plan. 
Million Dollar Private Practice Business Coaching & Consulting VIP Intensives: 
Half or Full-Day Options Available - you may not be able to build a business in a day, but you can certainly create a solid business plan with the help of a successful private practice coach. Soribel will spend the day guiding you through creating a business plan that will set you up for success. 
  • The Million Dollar Private Practice ½ VIP Day Intensive: (4 hours)
  • ​The Million Dollar Private Practice Full VIP Day (8 hours)
Million Dollar Private Practice Business Coaching & Consulting Program:
Coaching and Consulting Program - a long-term relationship with Soribel available 4, 6, and yearlong, where she guides you through her proven systems for setting up and scaling a private practice. You’ll get help building the following:
  • Business systems for legal, financial, and employment processes. 
  • ​A proven marketing strategy to ensure a constant flow of new clients.
  • ​Creating a long-term business plan that will guide your actions
  • ​A business model that leads you to the success you want. 
  • ​Team building strategies to support employees and reduce turnover. 
  • ​Business systems
  • ​Business Marketing (traditional and online marketing strategies)
  • ​Business & Money Mindset 
To learn which of Soribel’s Million Dollar Private Practice Business Coaching & Consulting Program fits your needs, click the button below to apply!
Who is Soribel Martinez? 
Soribel Martinez, LCSW, is a psychotherapist with over 20 years of experience in the mental health field. In 2018 she started her private practice, SMPsychotherapy and Counseling Services. Now, her practice employs thirteen therapists and serves clients in New York and Connecticut.

She understands the complicated process of setting up a private therapy practice and knows how self-doubt can cause you to second guess every decision you make for your business. But, if you already have a private practice, you’re already ahead of everyone who wishes they could start one.

Now you just need the right support to guide you through scaling your practice so you can have the impact you want on your community, enjoy the freedom that comes with owning your own business, and make the sort of income that allows you to live the life you want.
Frequently Asked Questions
Which program should I choose?
If you’re unsure which program best suits your needs, schedule a FREE Business Consultation Call with Soribel today. She’ll ask questions, help clarify your business goals, and give you her professional recommendation for the program that best meets your needs. 
Do you offer payment plans?
Soribel offers in-house payment plans for most of her coaching and consulting programs. We’re thrilled to offer our clients funding through a third party. Soribel will share your payment options during the FREE consultation call. 
How long will it take to make my practice a million-dollar practice?
Since the amount you make in private practice correlates to the number of clients you serve, your revenue increase will depend on how much effort you put into scaling your practice. Someone who can dedicate forty hours a week to building their practice will find success faster than someone with only ten hours to spend each week. But, just because the process of scaling your practice will take a bit longer doesn’t mean you should change your goals! As your practice becomes more successful, you’ll be able to spend more time working on your business and less time working for other people. 
What platform does Soribel use to host her services?
Soribel uses a HIPAA-compliant telehealth platform to host virtual sessions. If you are in the Hartford, CT area or willing to travel, she can host your sessions in person (as long as current COVID safety recommendations permit). 
Steps for Scaling a Private Practice
The First Steps for Scaling a Private Practice
When starting or scaling a private practice it is easy to feel overwhelmed by the number of tasks to complete and all you need to learn. Sometimes knowing the next right step is the most challenging part.

Soribel put together this 2-step guide to help you get over that fear, conquer the overwhelm, and grow your practice.

This simple guide is free and gives you the first two things you need to do so you’re ready to create your million-dollar practice.
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